Days 3 And 4 Post Covid-19 Vaccine

A few days after receiving the vaccine, I am feeling pretty well. The adverse side effects I experienced over the past few days have subsided. The injection site, which started having pain 12 hours after the injection and peaked around 16 hours after injection, stopped being painful 48 hours after the initial shot. On day 3 after the vaccine, I had some fatigue but did not feel febrile or have muscle aches. That feeling of fatigue lasted until this morning (day 4) and throughout the day today I felt well. I have not had any symptoms of Bell’s Palsy as of yet. All in all, so far so good.

Our InCare clinic is working on getting the vaccine for our patients. We have submitted an application to the Florida Department of Health and are waiting on confirmation of the process. If CVS and Walgreens get vaccine doses soon, we may recommend our patients to get vaccinated there.

Stay safe and stay well!

-Dr A

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